What Is The Best Airbrush Makeup Foundation Brand? – Buying Guide

Makeup is such a cosmetics that many of us wear every day. As a result, a makeup kit is a must for regular makeup appliers. There are a lot of things involved in a makeup kit.

And an important one from those kits is a foundation. Not every foundation is best and proper for your skin as well.

It is confusing to select one as a lot of foundations are available. So, here we provide a review of 10 amazing makeup foundations. You will surely be able to buy one after going through this article.

Tired of your foundation base being broken down regularly or the uneven settlement of the foundation on your pouch roofs?

how we wrote this review

And do you find it hard to know that this is suitable for your complexion?

Or just want to finish the bar of formal contact?


Next you need the Airbrush Makeup Foundation.

The foundation is the most basic step for your flawless look and the wise choice of the right foundation can put an end to all your makeup dreams.

But you may be surprised:

How to Find the “Best Airbrush Makeup Foundation” With Many Options Online?

No Time No Worries – Choose 1 Confidently

What is Airbrush Makeup?

What is Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is a revolutionary way of applying makeup with the use of typical elements of any traditional makeup kit, such as eyeliner, blusher, lipstick, eyeshadow pallets, foundation, and the like.

The only difference is that these things are applied not with the hands directly, but through an airbrush. Many women have been increasingly curious about what is airbrush makeup and many of them are glad about what they’ve found out.

There are many advantages to using airbrush makeup

Including high quality, efficiency, hygiene and skin health. Airbrush make up results in higher quality in terms of effect because a liquid is used to evenly distribute color.

For example, when applying traditional foundation, fine creases under the eyes usually look blotchy in a few hours after application, but with spray-on makeup, the skin’s smallest pores get covered by the foundation, and everything looks very smooth and even.

Even when applying lipstick through spray, the effect is smoother and lip lines look significantly reduced.

Another benefit of Airbrush makeup is time efficiency

Every woman knows how long it takes to apply traditional makeup, and this can be very inconvenient.

When going to an early important meeting, for example, it can be a pain to have to wake up extra early just to have enough time to do the rounds.

Even when morning makeup is typically light, it still can take up a lot of time. Airbrush makeup provides a solution to this because it can get done in almost instantly, as long as the woman knows her product enough.

How long does Airbrush Makeup last?

Best Airbrush Makeup Kits

This is a question we regularly receive here at Airbrush Makeup Reviews. Many choose to use Airbrush Makeup on special occasions and thus worry about whether or not Airbrush Makeup will last them the whole day, or even longer.

Normal makeup famously needs touching up and constant reapplications, particularly on long days/when sweating/crying, etc.

The good news is that Airbrush Makeup naturally resists water and should last between 12-16 hours. In other words, it should last until you take it off.

Some women have claimed that airbrush makeup will last as long as you have it on and claim to have worn it for days at a time.

For skin hygiene reasons, and to prevent your skin from looking like an acne-ridden 14-year-old, we don’t recommend this!

There are a couple of things you can do in order to maximize how long your Airbrush Makeup lasts.

Firstly, before you apply the makeup, make sure that your skin is completely clean. If your skin is even slightly greasy or dirty then it can prevent the makeup from settling properly on the skin.

Secondly, don’t put too heavy a coating of Airbrush Makeup on the skin. It’s much better to do a few very light coats than one heavy coating.

A few light coats should easily last the whole day. If a professional is applying your makeup, this shouldn’t be an issue, but if you are doing it yourself and still getting used to applying the makeup, then this may be an issue.

Finally, later in the day, you should be careful with the makeup, particularly if you start to cry.

That said, for special occasions, such as weddings or photo shoots, you shouldn’t worry too much about how long you have your makeup on if it’s applied properly.

It is possible to have a ‘touch-up’ later in the day if it’s a particularly hot day, for example, as the makeup can get a little shiny.

That said, this is rarely really necessary and no one else will probably realize that the makeup has changed at all. The durability of the makeup is one of the best things about airbrush makeup, so enjoy it!

How do you apply airbrush makeup?

In terms of hygiene, spray on make up is definitely tops. Any airbrush makeup artist would tell you how this helps to ease hygiene concerns when using the same makeup for a number of people.

When using traditional lipstick, for example, the product has to touch the lips directly, and this can cause the growth of bacteria on the lipstick which then becomes unhealthy with each use.

With makeup that comes as a spray, the woman does not directly touch the makeup, so it doesn’t matter if it’s applied to many different women.

Hygiene is definitely promoted with the use of makeup that never touches a surface, unless the tip of the makeup spray does, which is highly unlikely.

When using airbrush makeup, a woman can stay away from facial skin problems related to clogged pores. Because airbrush makeup only stays on the uppermost surface, the skin can breathe, which is very important in keeping it healthy.

Traditional makeup is typically rubbed onto the skin, which can be very irritating and can even attract the growth of bacteria. With airbrush make up, this problem can be eliminated or reduced.

Top 10 Best Airbrush Makeup Foundation

In this way, I have assembled a list of several of the ruling brands in the spray gun cosmetic makeup foundation industry.

1. Belloccio Fair Color Shade Foundation

Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Foundation has a lot to offer against other competing brands. You will not only look good, but you will always feel good about yourself.

It would not be exaggerating to say that the analysis introduced here would completely modify your life. The makeup set is highly recommended by both dermatologists and makeup artists.

Its four-color shades also make it a great gift option. The Foundation is scientifically safe because it is hypoallergenic. This is the perfect set for specifics that are fair complexion.

The brand cannot use perfume, oil, or parabens in its materials. Hence the foundation is safe for all complexions. watch several more reasons why may be required to buy sets:

Easy application processAnti-Aging Moisturizer and Antioxidant
Light is felt on the complexionAll-day long without well done
Water-resistance Foundation

The delicate formula certainly that your skin always looks greasy. You no longer have to worry about insensitivity.

Using this foundation will enhance your confidence in several ways. You will feel safe, beautiful, and free from any harm.

  • It has a gorgeous four-color set.
  • The foundation is good for sensitive skin.
  • An amazing option for a gift.
  • Free of allergenic ingredients.
  • No perfume is used in this foundation.
  • Do not contain any paraben and oil.
  • This foundation is not proper for medium or dark skin.

Why you should buy this

  • This foundation will give you confidence through an outstanding look.
  • Besides, this airbrush makeup foundation is hypoallergenic.

2. Luminess Air Silk 4-In-1 Enhanced Foundation Shade

Luminess is a brand dedicated to supplying quality products. This company conducted a study to evaluate the performance of the Silk 4-in-1 Foundation.

The results were nothing short of remarkable. Each participant was immersed in water for three minutes.

Doing so verified that the foundations water-based are extremely effective. So, if you are looking for water-resistant makeup, you can definitely acquire the results that have proven results.

You may carry makeup for more than 24 hours, and transform your skin to look perfect. This is merely some contending claim, but 90% of the people in the study actually testified.

You must accept that not all foundations capable to perform this before you cash. Some important features are as follows:

Hypersensitive formulabright for daily use
Coverage provides up to 18 hours of stability.Mineral based
Oil free

If you want to look flawless all night, you must find it. It’s an excellent applicant who still wants to look fabulous while doing strenuous activities.

  • Purely waterproof.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Resistant to smudge.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Based on the mineral.
  • Resistant to oil as well.
  • This product is not so good for people who have sensitive skin.

Why you should buy this

  • You can hide any kind of imperfection from your skin through this foundation.
  • Moreover, this foundation is perfect for every season.

3. Temptu S/B airbrush makeup foundation

Temptu offers a makeup solution that has versatile, versatile application. You can use it with an airbrush foundation machine, sponge, brush, or even your fingerprint.

You can finish this natural look with dew. Here are some other reasons you might want to buy it:

  • Provides a whole lot of build coverage
  • Finished like skin
  • Great for sheer coverage too
  • Gives a seamless finishing.
  • Lasts longer.
  • Based on silicone.
  • Free from oil and paraben.
  • Fantastic for giving a natural outlook.
  • 3 sizes of 12 shades in one set.
  • This is a little bit thicker than other foundations.

Why you should buy this

  • Because you will get twelve shades that you can mix to get a customized shade.
  • Besides, this foundation is perfect for all types of skin tones.

4. Diorskin Airflash Spray by Christian Dior

The Dior Foundation is definitely worth the investment. It may cost you a little more to get your hands on it, but the results will come back to you.

You can suppose nothing less than the ionic formula of a famous fashion house. If you ask around, many makeup artists and gurus will tell you that this is far from the average basis. Some things you can include:

Light reflects pearl colorFast and easy application
Goes very lightlyMusk makes no sense
  • Quality is outstanding.
  • Lightweight.
  • Free of fragrance.
  • It can give an awesome finishing.
  • Easy to apply with a makeup brush.
  • Good for hiding spots.
  • Not so budget-friendly.

Why you should buy this

  • You can have a professional outlook using this foundation.
  • Both the professionals and the newbies can apply this easily.

5. Dinair Airbrush Makeup | Glamour Foundation

Dinar is proud to be a leader in makeup techniques and coverage concepts. The brand first came up with the Airbrush Foundation, which happens daily.

Typically, the brand offers an insignificant amount of color shades. May as well add light and dark colors to your unique shade.

One of the things that makes a foundation stand out is the fact that it is immediately connected. You do not need to use any setting powder.

To top it off, it provides a matte coverage that is flawless and pixelated. One of the most reliable airbrush makeup foundations. The Foundation is also self-made and has other notable features:

Combine with natural skin pigmentsPixelated coverage allows for color balance
Useful for full coverageMakes it easy to complete one’s natural complexion
  • Quality is outstanding.
  • Gives a perfect outlook.
  • Free from perfume.
  • No allergenic ingredients are used.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Allow you to have a matte texture.
  • Perfect for all types of skin.
  • ightweight.
  • This one is inappropriate for kids.

Why you should buy this

  • Because you will get a natural look using this foundation.
  • Moreover, you won’t need to apply any powder for setting the makeup.

6. Art Of Air FAIR Complexion Makeup Set

The makeup set is a great match for both lovers and professionals. It comes with four foundation colors, offering a variety of features that you need to change your appearance. The four colors are beef beige, golden olive, sand, and movie star.

The foundation is all-natural. This is a waterproof option that will not affect your skin. This contains a number of major characteristics.

  • Be sure to control the coverage
  • Nice finish
  • Brings a natural look
  • Fantastic quality makeup.
  • This one is long-lasting.
  • Gives a natural look.
  • Requires less time to apply.
  • Four colors will come in one set.
  • A carrying bag of Deluxe is included in the set.
  • It is not purely water-proof.

Why you should buy this

  • A perfect choice for both makeup lovers and makeup artists.
  • You can use this foundation for hiding any kind of spot.

7. Photo Finish Professional Airbrush Foundation Makeup System Kit

Looking forward to healthy skin is the most awaited scroll. Photo Finish brings a mineral-based foundation that works to keep you looking and looking good for your skin. It is an oil-free and non-protective product that is suitable for all skin types.

Not only is it suitable for all skin types,  it is also a seasonal makeup for you. With longevity, it is water-proof and can provide full coverage for daily use.

Traditional makeup involves blending with various tools such as sponges or brushes that are mostly bacterial and bacteria-free.

Photo Art Airbrush Foundation is a hygienic switch for you as it releases fine smoke that evenly fits on your skin which also makes your complexion. It avoids the clutter of the Foundation in certain places.

You may provide vague coverage to your face according to your quantity. It has full day and night coverage for up to 24 hours with no breaks, breakouts, or smoke. It is very light on your skin which helps in breathing.

This American-made variety is not examined on animal research that is useless for environmentally conscious people. Moreover, it is a product free of parabens, alcohol, and perfume which makes it perfect for use.

It is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic. Some consumers find it too fat for their machines. But for a perfect result, the foundation can be solved by mixing 1 drop of water with every 1 drop of water.

This Mineral Foundation comes in 9 different colors:

Dark brown adjusterEnough lightCoffee Medium
GoldenGolden tanLight tan
MediumMedium BadgeMedium Tan
  • This foundation is based on the mineral.
  • Free of oil and harmful ingredients.
  • Water and sweat-proof.
  • Lasts longer.
  • Resistant to smudge.
  • Free of paraben and alcohol.
  • A little bit thicker than other foundations. But you can apply water to lessen thickness.

Why you should buy this

  • Because you will get makeup that lasts all day long.
  • Besides, this is one of the best airbrush makeup sets.

8. TRU Airbrush Makeup Mineral Foundation

The TRU Airbrush Mineral Foundation is our expert choice because of its ultra-healthy trial mineral airbrush makeup. Giving up 18 hours of coverage eliminated all the ridiculous washroom sessions for touch-ups.

Made in the US, this foundation provides high-definition makeup quality latches. The TRU airbrush was proudly selected as the makeup of a close and personal interview of Miss America 2015.

Once you apply the Mineral Airbrush Foundation, you will find a great deal of difference in the glow and natural glow on your skin.

Looking for a perfect foundation? Here your quest ends because it guarantees a lasting water-based foundation for your makeup.

It provides you the full coverage but not the face of the cake. It not only gives you a natural look by masking your shortcomings but also protects yourself from them.

TRU make-up is not based on a particular skin, but it does. These cosmetics are hypoallergenic products.

This is a non-comedogenic product that won’t close your holes and allow breathing between makeup’s micro-fine dot patterns.

In this way, it is also known as breathable make-up. It also increases soy protein, which helps to strengthen the skin and extend longevity. Most users described it as smooth and silky makeup.

This Mineral-based Airbrush Foundation comes in 4 colors:

CaramelShah Bloot
  • Lasts up to eighteen hours a day.
  • No silicone and gluten are used in this foundation.
  • Free of paraben and oil as well.
  • Based on mineral and water.
  • Proper to all types of skin.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • The foundation is not good for children.

Why you should buy this

  • Because no dangerous ingredients are used in this foundation.
  • A great item for giving as a present as well.

9. Magic Minerals Airbrush Foundation

The Magic Minerals Airbrush Foundation, given by Jerome Alexander, is a three-piece makeup set consisting of a liquid silk air primer, mineral foundation spray, and kabuki brush. This set promises to give all its users a Hollywood-like look.

This three-piece set contains three skincare ingredients that are soft and can help repair the skin – hyaluronic acid, Argireline, and Matrixyl 3000.

Hyaluronic acid is also usually mentioned as the “youth base” because it locks both and adds a hydrating lubricant that helps prevent aging. 

On the other hand, Argyrline is a protein that contains three essential amino acids that help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Matrix 300 softens wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, and increases collagen production.

The Mineral Spray Foundation is extremely lightweight but is able of providing full coverage. The primer spray of the set helps in skin preparation by using the foundation to smooth, hydrate, and plump the skin texture. 

Alike the primer and foundation spray is light enough to be used daily, and they are buildable so that users can easily hide parts and defects.

The product maker promises zero caking or heavy buildup of makeup that can make the skin look cracked and dry.

The make-up set is easy to use because it only takes less than five minutes to apply. Someone should start preparing the skin with a misting primer spray – shake it and spray it with a kabuki embarrassment and apply it on a freshly washed face. 

In addition, if one wants to use a foundation, then one only needs to shake the foundation spray and then rub the cheeks, face, and neck for blending. This Jerome Alexander Set claims to be perfect and suitable for all skin types. 

In addition to being lightweight, it is also breathable. In addition, makeup is both sweat and water-resistant. This three-piece makeup set is available in four different colors, namely dark, medium, medium-dark, and light.

  • It includes a mineral-based formula.
  • Appropriate to conceal any kind of spot.
  • Easy to apply as well.
  • Allow you to have a perfect outlook.
  • Its ingredients are good for skincare.
  • You can hide wrinkles through this foundation.
  • Only four colors are available in one set.

Why you should buy this

  • Because you can apply this makeup every day.
  • You won’t feel any thickness on your face because of its lightweight feature.

10. Maybelline Dream Liquid Airbrush Makeup Foundation

Many women have great hopes for Maybelline. It is a very famous brand, and there is not opposed to people claiming that it is the best spray gun base in the market. 

Without the urge to exaggerate, we think they might be okay. The Maybelline Dream Liquid Foundation is a magnificent silk texture.

It’s lightweight and extremely smooth, but unlike cream, it applies almost like any other skin. 

Although it won’t cover things like acne or other prominent stains (it’s just light for medium-sized products), it is very effective when it comes to concealing little stains, scars, and paint patches.

The final result is a slightly matte finish, but it is more suitable for normal and pigmented skin types. If you have a very dry color you may utilize this product, but it is preferable to utilize a moisturizer first. 

This foundation comes with a grill applicator, so you may apply it with your fingers. If you need professional impact, combine it with a spray gun selector. One of the most affordable airbrush makeup foundation of this list.

  • Gives even coverage to the skin.
  • Lightweight.
  • Perfect for everyday use.
  • The foundation is applicable with your fingers as well.
  • It will give you smooth skin.
  • One of the best foundations in the market.
  • This foundation is not good for children.

Why you should buy this

  • Because it is one of the most budget-friendly foundations.
  • Moreover, this is prepared for women of all ages.


As you get 10 amazing lists of products for the best airbrush makeup foundation, you have nothing to worry about.

Step ahead and grab one. Then create an awesome makeover. Decorate yourself using these makeup foundations. You will love your look after applying any of these foundations for sure.

So, happy shopping.

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