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Bodypaint, a form of full-body decoration, is done with paint of different colors. Usually, these colors of paint stay on the body for a couple of hours.

But in the case of some rare body paints, the colors stay up to one or two weeks (such as henna design). Body paints are also known as temporary tattoos.

Mostly, the full-body decoration using various colors and designs is named body paint. But body paints can also be done on a specific area of the body. Such as the arm, face, hand, shoulder, etc.

Body paints have different forms. Like airbrush paints or tattoos, henna, cosmetics, oil paints, acrylic, metallic, latex, silicone-based makeup, alcohol-based paints, glitter, water-based paints, etc.

Besides, there are a lot of body paint brands available in the market. Every brand does not provide the best product and every color is not good for skin as well.

So it is confusing when the time comes to buy body paint. And that is the reason we are here with this amazing article on the best body paint ever.

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Editor’s Choice

Is acrylic paint bad for skin?

Acrylic paint is not the best for skin, but it can be used.

– If you have sensitive skin then try to do a test patch with acrylic paints before painting all over your arms or body.

– This will let you know if the product irritates your skin and how much of this type of thing can affect you in order to make sure that there are no allergic reactions from using these types of products.

How long does body paint last?

The best body paint will last for a period of time.

– It is important to know that it can dry out and begin to flake off after several hours or even days depending on the type of product used, how much you applied, where you applied it (on your skin), and other factors such as exposure to water.

– Most products are made with long-lasting pigments so they won’t easily come off in those situations mentioned earlier.

The best body paint should be able to stay on your skin without coming off for at least 12 hours when properly cared for with moisturizers and proper washing techniques. These paints have been created using professional-grade quality ingredients.

How do you remove body paint?

To remove body paint from your skin, you’ll need to use a remover or soap.

The best way to remove it is by using warm water and soap in the shower area so that they don’t spread onto other parts of your body.

Use gentle circular motions while washing them away from the affected areas as much as possible.

Rinse well and pat dry before applying any type of lotion or cream because this may cause staining which can take days if not weeks to disappear completely.

What do cosplayers use for body paint?

There are many different types of body paints that can be used when cosplaying.

The best way to use these is by using quality paintbrushes and a steady hand so that you don’t end up with any blobs or heavy spots.

It’s best not to use the water-based ones since they will need more time (about 12 hours) to completely dry and cure for best results.

Water-based paints should only be applied if it has been previously set in an oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for ten minutes before applying them onto your skin as this will make them last longer without drying out quickly.

Dry times can take anywhere from 24 hours up to 72 hours depending on how much pigment was added into the mix during manufacturing.

10 Best Body Paint Reviews

Here, after thorough research, we have selected ten products of the best body paint brands. We have provided their reviews as well. You can choose any of these for giving yourself an amazing outlook.

1. Individuall’s All in One Body Paint

Do you want a variation in body paints? Well, this all-in-one body paint set is the one to fulfill your dream.

This amazing all-in-one body paint set is manufactured by individuals. This one a family set of body paints. So you can enjoy any party with your family using this all-in-one body paint set.

You will get amazing acrylic, gorgeous glitter, and marvelous metallic body paint in one set offered by Individuals. Additionally, this set of body paint will give you a great professional-like outlook.

All-in-one body paint is perfect for applying on every background. Because of the high-quality color, the density of paint, and vigor look, this all in one will be great in any context.

Whether it is a pastime project or a school project, you can use this paint for getting an impressive result. This German standard product is also good for painting as we as a mural.

This all-in-one best full-body paint comes in 24 cans where each contains 20ml of paint. So you can easily cover every desire using this body paint. You can apply this paint for any kind of dying project as well.

  • All in one Acrylic, metallic, and glitter body paints.
  • Come in a family pack.
  • Also good for dying.
  • Paintings will last long.
  • You can use it for different projects.
  • One of the best full-body paint.
  • A little bit expensive.

Why you should buy this

  • Because you can enjoy the colors with your family.
  • A great choice for several dye and painting projects as well.

2. Custom Body Art Face-Body Paint Set

Whether you want to join a Halloween or a birthday party, this face-body paint set will give you an outstanding look.

For any kind of celebration or holiday, you can undoubtedly have a great time using this custom body paint.

Custom body art is water-based paint that you can apply easily using an airbrush. Moreover, the paint does not contain any harmful or toxic ingredients. So you can safely apply this one to the skin and the body as well.

You can apply these paint colors again after applying them once. Because these colors dry faster than most of the body paint colors.

Moreover, this also mixes with your body and face amazingly. Besides, this is the best nude body paint. So your skin color will look real using this paint.

Not only this face-body paint is easy to apply, but also it is easy to remove. You will just need to use water and soap.

As a result, the paint will vanish quickly. So you won’t have to face any embarrassment because of that paint.

There is a collection of eight fantastic colors available in this face-body paint set. Those are eight primary and eight secondary colors, as well as eight pearlescent and four fluorescent colors. Moreover, you will get all of the colors in 1 oz, 2 oz, and 8 oz.

  • Safe for body and face.
  • Water-based paint.
  • Easy to apply and remove as well.
  • Perfect for giving an astounding look.
  • Eight color kits are available in one set.
  • One of the best custom body paint set.
  • The paint does not last long.

Why you should buy this

  • Because you can apply this for any kind of occasion.
  • You will get eight amazing colors set in one pack.

3. UV Neon Face and Body Paint Glow, Midnight Glo

One of the best body paints is UV paint that is produced by the Midnight Glo. This paint is a blacklight reactive one that sparks under UV lights.

So your body and face will glow using this paint when you appear on the neon light.

UV paint of Midnight Glo is the best because of its exceptional quality and smoothness. It will allow you to have a soft feeling at the time of application.

This paint is water-based. It is easy to remove with water and soap as well. 

You can apply this on the skin any time because it dries off faster. Whenever you apply this paint, just be careful so that the paint cannot spread colors on your fabrics.

However, this paint does not contain any venomous ingredients. So you can apply it safely on your body as well as the face.

In natural light, you will look lively and in blacklight, you will look gorgeous using this neon paint. Because this is a reactive paint that works only in black lights and UV lights. Remember one thing, this paint color does not spark in dark.

For any kind of festival and occasion, this paint color is the best. Like the celebration of Halloween, birthday party, etc.

Therefore, you will look great on any occasion using this paint on the face and body. You can also use this paint on other surfaces like wood and paper.

UV neon paint is prepared in the USA, and it comes in 2 oz bottles. One packet of UV neon paint includes eight beautiful colors. Those are purple, red, blue, white, yellow, pink, white, and orange.

  • A set includes eight amazing colors.
  • Safe for sensitive skin as well.
  • Does not include any harmful ingredient.
  • Can wash this paint easily.
  • Will spark under black and UV light.
  • One of the best body paint for Halloween.
  • Not preferable for a dark party.

Why you should buy this

  • Because you can decorate yourself with 8 outstanding colors of the paint.
  • This water-based paint is easy to apply and easy to remove.

4. Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ

Not every person on the earth prefers the same things. Some like simple, others like gorgeous, and some others like both kinds.

So which one do you prefer? Well, our recommendation is you can apply this simple but outstanding makeup to decorate your lovely skin.

Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ contains eight fundamental color palette for the face as well as body paint. Apply this makeup with a wet brush or sponge.

You surely will look naturally fantastic after finishing this water-based paint makeup. Also, you can easily get rid of this makeup with water and soap.

Moreover, you can keep the balance between your body and face as this one is a face-body makeup paint. This is the best white body paint as well.

Paradise AQ is also safe for the skin because no harmful ingredients have been used to manufacture this makeup.

Mehron Paradise is a world-class makeup paint that is specially made in the USA for professionals.

A great number of movie stars around the world apply this makeup. Besides, this makeup paint is applied in many movie and stage performances.

Mehron makeup is leading the market for more than 90 years. For transforming your body from head to toe, you can apply this makeup paint.

Surely you will get an eye-catching look as it goes with any kind of skin tone and gives a smudge-proof texture.

  • Quality of the makeup is great.
  • Easy to apply with a wet sponge or brush.
  • Give smudge-proof smoothness.
  • Easy to remove this makeup.
  • Safe for skin.
  • Free from dangerous ingredients.
  • Do not apply this makeup on kids.

Why you should buy this

  • Because it is perfect for getting pro-like makeup.
  • Also does not have any side effects on the skin.

5. Wismee Pro Stage Face-Body Paint Kit

Are you looking for a body paint that will be perfect for you as well as your kid?

Well, then you should select this one because this pro stage is the best face and body paint kit that is manufactured fantastically for the benefit of kids to adults.

From Wismee body paint, you will get a smooth and spotless cover on your lovely skin. You can apply this face-body paint lightly on the skin to get a bright color. Also, you can mix up the colors to get the desired shade.

This pro stage special is one of the best body paint for Halloween. It is also the best body paint for cosplay.

Furthermore, the Wismee paint set is not only great for professionals but also great for beginners. It will allow anyone to have a natural and outstanding look in any function.

Wismee body paint won’t sweat off as well because this paint is oil-based. So you can apply this quickly as it dries faster.

Besides, you can get rid of the paint color without any hassle. Do not use water to remove the paint. Instead, use oil and your face and body will be perfectly clean.

An amalgamation of eye-catching rainbow colors and darkish palettes will come in this paint set. Like red, orange, green, yellow, blue, white, metallic color, etc.

As a result, you won’t have to buy any different color palettes. This one is also the best green body paint and an all-in-one set for you and your kid.

Wismee paint set is prepared with examined ingredients that do not contain any harmful thing. This product is also hypoallergenic and safe for any kind of skin.

So you won’t have to face any irritating situation at all. Besides, people of different ages can use this paint without any hesitation.

Instead of old-fashioned wax, you will get a synthetic wax that is easy to apply. Also, you can create any shapes like wounds, burns, cuts, broken limbs, and more using these wax.

So it is possible to give different impressive outlooks from one set of face-body paint.

The set includes an oil-based palette of makeup, a spatula, a stipple sponge, wound scar wax, ten brushes, and fake scab blood.

So you and your kid’s Halloween will be gorgeous because of using this natural-looking face-body paint.

  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Easy to put on and to remove.
  • Allow you to have a natural look.
  • Perfect for occasional use.
  • Allow you to get an appearance like a pro.
  • One of the best body paint for cosplay.
  • You cannot use water to remove this paint.

Why you should buy this

  • Because it is a perfect choice for face-body decoration of kids to adults.
  • Both the experts and the newbies can apply this without any hassle.

6. ProAiir Face Painting Makeup

Do you want a long-lasting makeup? ProAiir face painting makeup is the perfect selection for you. You can apply this water-proof makeup that stays up to three days. This makeup is made in the USA and comes with six atomic colors of UV.

Any kind of condition like heat to humidity, this makeup will stay perfectly on your face and body. You can also remove this makeup without consuming much time.

Just apply soap, rub the skin, and then clean the skin with water. All the makeup will wash away.

An amazing part of this makeup is it will be just okay for more than three years once you open it. Besides, the durability will be around ten years if you keep the makeup unopened. Though you keep this a long time, the color won’t change at all.

Like other makeups, ProAiir does not spread colors on clothes. Besides, its water-proof quality helps you to wear this makeup in wet conditions like rain or swim scene.

Even in extreme heat, this makeup is great for application as it won’t stain your face and body.

This face painting makeup will allow you to have a natural look in daylight and a gorgeous look in black-light.

Moreover, you can apply this makeup easily with an airbrush. The pigment of this makeup is awesome to create the desired shade.

This hybrid makeup is the number one choice for professionals. Additionally, it is made with clinically experimented things so that it won’t create any side-effect on your tender skin.

As a result, you can put on this face painting makeup without any hesitation.

  • Resistant to water.
  • Highly qualitative.
  • Good for professionals.
  • Face-body painting makeup.
  • Stays longer than other makeups.
  • Give an outstanding natural look.
  • A little bit pricey.

Why you should buy this

  • Because no other makeup lasts this longer like ProAiir hybrid makeup.
  • This makeup can resist water, heat, and extreme circumstances.

7. ProAiir Face Painting Waterproof Makeup (Fluorescents/UV)

One of the best airbrush body paint is the ProAiir face makeup paint. This excellent piece of painting will allow you to get an outstanding look at your lovely face as well as your body. This is so smooth that you can apply this without having any trouble.

This painting’s makeup is neon-colored and gives an animated look on the face and body. It spread on the face and body softly and soon.

As a result, you can get the chance to makeover yourself just the way you want. Moreover, this makeup painting is good for sensitive skin and different skin tones.

ShowOff, the manufacturer of ProAiir makeup, has applied only a bit of alcohol and pigment that are sanctioned for cosmetics in this face painting.

Moreover, amalgam ingredients are applied in this makeup. As a result, this painting is resistant to water and sweat.

Whether the day is sunny or rainy, you can apply this makeup. Even in the circumstance that can create pressure on you, this makeup painting will stay up to three days. Therefore, you won’t have to be worried about the time of exercise, sports, or swim.

The most interesting thing is, you can get rid of this makeup without facing any irritation. Just apply soap and rub it properly.

Then wash thoroughly using water. Your painting will remove away without keeping any spot on the face and body.

ProAiir makeup is prepared in the USA. Here, six fluorescent or UV that contains 1 oz or 30 ml of paint will come in one set.

This makeup will last around ten years if you keep it unopened and three to five years once you open it.

  • Long-lasting.
  • Water-proof.
  • Give a vibrant outlook.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Safe for skin.
  • One of the best neon body paint.
  • Not good for the skin of kids.

Why you should buy this

  • Because this hybrid painting makeup is perfect for having a professional outlook.
  • If necessary, you can keep this makeup for up to three days.

8. ProPaint

This makeup painting is highly pigmented. So you will get a perfect finishing through this makeup. Besides, this painting is based on glycerin. So your face and body won’t feel any irritation because of this painting.

Some painting creates a heavy feeling when applied on the face and body. But ProPaint is not like those makeups.

You will feel very comfy using this painting makeup. Moreover, this one is purely resistant to smudge. So it will stay longer than any other makeup.

ProPaint will come in a set of five prime colors. The colors include pure black, peaceful white, elegant blue, strawberry red, and soft yellow.

Each color of paint contains 30ml paint. You can adjust the intensity of the painting by mixing the colors and water. The amount of water plays an important factor in this case.

Beside occasional use, ProPaint is the best painting for Cosplay as well. This makeup paint is a great choice for anime, heroic look, and different characters of the movie.

If you need to be more protective of water, you can use any spray that can fix makeup. 

Besides, 2 sponges, 1 detailing brush, a color book of face painting, and a bag for carrying all the painting set is included in Propaint’s one paint set.

This product is manufactured in the USA by Graftobian.

  • Free of fragrance.
  • Resistant to smudge and water.
  • One of the best body paint cosplay.
  • Colors can be adjusted using water.
  • You can remove this easily.
  • Safe and long-lasting.
  • This paint can exceed the budget.

Why you should buy this

  • Because this painting makeup is great for decorating your lovely skin.
  • You can use this on any kind of occasion.

9. Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Acrylic Paint

Whether you are an apprentice, or an expert or a learner, this heavy acrylic body paint is the one you can select undeniably.

Liquitex, one of the best body paint ever, will give you a fantastic outlook. Just apply once, and then you will love this paint.

Liquitex acrylic paint is enriched in colors that last longer than any other paints. This paint is based on water.

So it will spread smoothly on your skin. Moreover, you can mix the colors to get a customized design.

You won’t have to face any irritation in your skin because this heavy body paint is made with non-toxic ingredients.

Also, the colors will be very lithe when it dry. It is one of the best gold body paint that is purely resistant to water and UV light.

The acrylic paint is made with updated technology so that the color stays on the skin however you apply it.

Like- you can apply colors lightly to get a bright outlook, and you can apply colors thickly to get a gorgeous outlook. You also can mix the colors to get a unique design.

However you use the colors to decorate yourself, it does not spread away or ruin the design. The colors will be transparent after proper decoration.

Also, the paint is easy to remove with water and soap and has no side effects as well.

You can apply the paint using a palette knife or brush. So you will look outstanding with this heavy acrylic color paint. Additionally, this Liquitex is a set of 12 classic colors that contain 8 Fl oz.

  • Stays longer.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Resistant to water.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Has no side effects.
  • UV lights cannot affect the paint.
  • Do not apply this paint to children.

Why you should buy this

  • Because you will get 12 awesome colors set to paint yourself.
  • Good for your skin as no harmful ingredients are used in this paint.

10. Moon Glow Pastel Neon Face and Body Paint

Have you ever wanted to decorate yourself with neon paint? Moon Glow has manufactured a fantastic one that will match your expectation.

The mind-blowing pastel neon painting is prepared to give an outstanding look to your face and body.

You can use this pastel makeup paint in your pretty skin without any hassle. Because this is one of the best face and body paint.

You can also apply this anytime as it dries faster. Moreover, to get rid of this painting, just use water and soap. The painting will go away.

Moon Glow’s pastel painting does not contain any kind of harmful elements. The hypoallergenic feature of this product has made it great for sensitive skin. The painting will match with any kind of skin tone as well.

The product is resistant to water and smudge. As a result, this best body paint won’t sweat off in hot weather.

By using this painting, you will glow all night as this lasts longer. You can apply this painting using a brush or a sponge or simply using fingers.

You will glow in the usual light using this painting. Additionally, the painting will give you a sparky feature in blacklights as well as UV lights. This authentic product of Moon Glow is produced in the UK.

  • Resistant to water.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Smudge-proof.
  • Easy to get rid of.
  • Does not contain any dangerous element.
  • Great for neon or UV light party.
  • Be careful so that the paint be away from the eyes.

Why you should buy this

  • Because this one is the best paint to use for body paint.
  • To have the best glow-in-the-dark body paint, you can apply this paint.

Things to consider before buying body paints

As this is the matter of painting your body, you need to be very careful about the colors and the brands.

So, how do get which one is the best body paint for your body? In fact, what is the best body paint?

Whether you are a newbie or an expert on using body paints, you have to follow some specifics before buying body paint.

So here is the buying guide with the specifications that you should check out.

  • Form: There are several forms of body painting. Some paints are for occasional use, others are for regular use. So decide first which form you want to apply to decorate your precious body.
  • Application: You should check how the body paints are applied to the skin. Make sure that you are okay with the process of application. Then step ahead to buy the best body paint that will be perfect for you.
  • Hypoallergenic: It will be a wise decision if you select a hypoallergenic product to apply. Because the most delicate portion of the body is the skin. So, instead of getting any skin problem, you should choose a product that does not contain any allergenic ingredients.
  • Duration: Some of the body paints stay up to a few hours, and some stay up to a week or two. For any occasion, you can undoubtedly select temporary body paint.
  • Easy removal: You know the worst part of using body paint? The removal part. It should be easy to remove the body paint that you have used. Because you will look inappropriate if you cannot remove the paint properly.
  • Ingredients: Each body paint is not the same. Some are oil-based, while others are water-based. Hence, select one that suits your skin as well as go with the reason you want to decorate yourself.

Therefore, you know the things that you have to think about before buying any body paint. Now it is time to choose one to make decorate yourself fantastically.


Therefore, body paintings are so simple yet so amazing way to decorate your body!

Especially different types of occasions become outstanding and memorable just because of using these body paintings.

You can go through this article and select your preferred product. Then decorate yourself however you want.

You will look incredible for sure. Besides hand paints, there is various best body paint gun available in the market.

But those paint guns are quite expensive. Hence, stop being so confused about the best body paint to use.

Just grab one from our recommended paints, apply the paints on your face and body. The best body paint photos will make your party an event to remember.

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