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Best cream blush drugstore

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Blush is undoubtedly the makeup that can carry life to the appearance. It makes the makeover appropriate with its smooth touch-up. Blushes can provide a vigorous outlook to a simple makeover.

It is the best cream blush drugstore that can cheer you up after a long tiring day. Whether it is a party or a special occasion, a get-together or an official event, a modest makeover is required for all of the occasion.

But it is the blush that can create the difference between the makeover for different occasions.

That’s why blushes are a kind of obligatory makeup material that ladies love a lot. When it comes to select the texture of the blush, it becomes quite confusing which one to choose.

A creamy one or a powder blush. Both forms of blushes are good if you select qualitative and branded products.

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But you should select a cream blush if you have dry skin or the present weather is quite warm in your area.

A cream blush provides a bit of an oily texture to the skin. Cheeks look shiny and lively once you apply cream blush on the skin. A cream blush nourishes the cheeks with the oily form that it contains.

So, which brand for a cream blush you should select? It’s the burning question. That’s why we are here with this effective article on the best cream blush drugstore.

Just stick to this article and go through it so that you can find the answer to your question.

No Time No Worries – Choose 1 confidently

1. What is cream blush?

What is cream blush

A cream blush is a makeup item that is applied to the cheeks to get a complete makeover. Cheeks look not only bright but also pretty with the application of a cream blush.

Cream blushes are mostly preferable for people who have dry skin. Aged people can apply this blush to get an attractive appearance as well.

Cream blushes give a smooth finish and a natural-looking blush. It also hydrates the skin as oily ingredients are included in it.

With the appropriate application, cream blushes provide an energetic outlook even after a tiresome day.

2. How to apply cream blush?

It’s not so big a deal to apply cream blush. But it’s an important thing as you want to get the perfect shade.

For applying the cream blush, you can simply use your fingers. Just take a little bit of the cream blush and put it slightly on the apple of the cheeks.

This is the easiest and quickest way of applying cream blush. You can also use a beauty blender or a highlighter brush to put the cream blushes.

Keep in mind, once you apply the cream blush, you need to blend the blush properly on the skin until you get your required color of blush.

You can apply a little amount of cream blush to get light coverage. But use a bit more amount of cream blush if you want to have a more colorful coverage.

3. Are cream blushes better than powder?

If you have dry skin, cream blush is the best selection for you. On the other hand, powder blushes work better on oily skin.

But after all, both of the blushes have their pros and cons. In the winter season, skin becomes dry and requires moisture. Hence, cream blushes are the best solution to apply during the winter season.

Instead, on a hot summer day when skin becomes sweaty, powder blushes serve the best.

Also, cream blush gives a natural appearance while powder blush provides a professional one. Thus, both cream and powder blushes are good to go according to necessity.

4. Does cream or powder blush last longer?

Does cream or powder blush last longer

On average, blushes stay on the skin for up to 6-12 hours. It depends on some of the factors of the blush.

Like quality, brand, ingredients, water-resistant capability of the blush. Also, the type of skin may increase or decrease the longing period of a blush.

However, a qualitative cream blush stays approximately 6-8 hours and the best quality powder blush stays more than 12 hours on the skin.

As the weather can affect the makeover, it’s better to select a product that is resistant to water. In this way, your makeup, as well as blush, will stay more time on the skin.

5. Can you apply cream blush over powder?

Can you apply cream blush over powder

A cream blush should not wear over the powder because it has a sticky formula in it. Let us clear the thing.

A creamy item or makeup is better to apply on the skin directly. On the other hand, powder makeup is such an item that you should wear after you have applied all the creamy makeup.

Hence, if you wear a cream blush over the powder, it won’t blend with the skin properly. Instead, it will create a cakey appearance that can ruin the overall makeover.

That’s why you have to apply the cream blush before you apply the powder to the face. In this way, the blush will blend properly and give you smooth coverage.

Best Cream Blush Drugstore- Top 5 Product and Review

Here are the top five cream blushes from the drugstore that have been chosen after thorough research by our experience makeup researchers.

Whatever you select from the list, you will get your desired product of cream blush.

The features of the products will make your decision easier as well. Just go through the reviews and pick your favorite one. You will have an amazing blush without any hesitation.

1. Butter LONDON Glazen Blush Gelee review

Introducing our first product, the amazing Glazen Blush Gelee that is manufactured by the prominent brand Butter LONDON.

This blush is available in sparkle color that will give you shiny cheeks. It provides a creamy texture and finely gets mixes with the skin.

This blush will reach in a package that has a dimension of 1.8×1.34×1.8 inches in length, width, and height respectively.

This lightweight blush is highly portable. It also provides a radiant cheek and stays on the skin for a long time once you wear this properly.

This sparkling blush is prepared with the best elements so that it does not create any harm to the skin.

It is a hypoallergenic blush that goes perfectly with any skin tone. People with dry skin will find this blush more suitable because of its creamy texture.

You can apply this cream blush with your fingertips. Also, you can use a highlighter brush or a sponge makeup blender to wear this blush. In both ways, you will get a sparkling appearance using this cream blush.

You can wear this blush with both foundation and powder. But keep in mind that you have to apply this cream blush just after applying the foundation or just before applying the powder. In this way, it will give the best result.

  • This blush has an amazing creamy texture.
  • It is highly portable.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • It beautifully gets mixed with the skin.
  • Gives a glowing cheek.
  • It can be a bit sticky as it is creamy.

Why you should buy this

  • It’s easy to carry as well as apply this cream blush.
  • This non-comedogenic blush is a great one for long-time wearing.

2. Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Last Looks Cream Blush review, for Luxury Beauty

If you are looking for a cream blush that has a form of powder, you can go for this wonderful Phyto-Pigment blush. This blush has a powder texture that will give your cheeks a vivacious appearance.

This blush is manufactured by the prominent brand Juice beauty. It is perfect for having a buildable shade with its luxurious color. Additionally, this awesome blush goes with different skin tones.

Anyone can apply this Phyto-Pigment blush to get a cheerful look. It hydrates the skin with the vegetable glycerin included in it. The grapeseed oil of this blush will make the cheeks soft and smooth.

A powerful serum is included in this blush that contains an age-resisting technology. Therefore, people of different ages will find it appropriate to apply this blush to have a beautiful cheek and perfect makeover.

A makeup brush will be great for applying this blush. However, if you want, you can apply this blush with your fingertips as well. In both ways, this blush will make you look shiny as well as attractive.

  • It goes with every skin tone.
  • Gives a glowing cheek.
  • Cheeks look natural using this blush.
  • Non-comedogenic item.
  • It has a texture to hydrate the skin.
  • This blush won’t be so good for oily skin.

Why you should buy this

  • You can easily apply this blush with a brush or your fingertips.
  • It gets mixed with the skin and gives a natural-looking blush.

3. Jane Iredale PurePressed Blush review- Natural Color & Glow for All Skin Tones

Whether you have a skin problem or not, you should select a non-comedogenic makeup for avoiding skin rashes and having a lovely makeover.

This PurePressed blush of Jane Iredale is such an amazing blush that is prepared for all types of skin.

This blush is manufactured with cruelty-free ingredients. It won’t clog the pores of the skin as this is a non-comedogenic blush.

Although everyone can apply this blush, people with dry skin will get this one more suitable.

This wonderful blush is available in a cotton candy color that goes perfectly with any skin tone.

The blush box of this item contains 2.8 grams of cream which will provide you a long time service. It is easy to carry this blush too.

You can easily apply this cream blush with the fingertips. A beauty blender or a brush will also be great to wear this cream blush. It mixes finely with the skin and gives a gleaming blush to the cheeks.

You can use this cream blush with a foundation, or a bb cream, or a powder. In any of the ways, it will make your makeover a perfect one and give you a fantastic appearance.

  • It won’t block the pores of the skin.
  • Get mixed with every skin tone.
  • Cruelty-free as well as non-comedogenic.
  • It stays longer on the skin.
  • Gives a lively-looking blush.
  • This blush is a bit classy.

Why you should buy this

  • This blush is free of dangerous components.
  • Also, it is a non-comedogenic blush that is full of minerals.

4. PUR Cosmetics Chateau Cheeks Cream Blush review, Flirt

Are you searching for a risk-free blush? Well, you have just stepped into the right place. This Chateau Cheeks Blush of PUR Cosmetics is a cream blush that is free of cruelty. Also, it is presented here in an amazing flirt color.

Its creamy texture will moisture the skin and make you feel comfortable. This blush is manufactured with paraben-free ingredients.

It is free of gluten as well. Thus, this blush can keep you safe from the dangerous effect of makeup.

This flirt color blush is a great choice for all skin tones. That means you can apply this blush for having a vibrant appearance no matter what your skin tone is.

Though this blush has a creamy form, it won’t make you feel sticky.

For any long-time event, you can wear this fantastic blush as it stays longer on the face.

This blush won’t block the pores as well. Whether you want to highlight the cheeks or you need just a simple blush, you can apply this item for fulfilling your desire.

  • This blush has a creamy texture.
  • It is free of paraben.
  • This blush nourishes the skin.
  • It makes the cheeks look amazing.
  • No gluten is included in this blush.
  • It will be a bit expensive.

Why you should buy this

  • You can have beautiful and radiant cheeks using this blush.
  • Also, your appearance will look like a natural one because of this blush.

5. Stila Convertible Color review(Dual Lip and Cheek Cream)

It is quite time-consuming to find the same blush and lip color for having a fabulous makeover.

That’s why the convertible blush of Stila is here so that you can stay free of tension. Because this is a two-in-one item that you can apply on the cheeks as well as lips.

If you want a blush or a blush come lipstick, you can select this wonderful piece. It is offered in peony color to provide a bright coverage. Both for cheeks and lips, you can use this cream blush and have a proper makeover.

This cream blush highlights the cheeks with its simple touch. Also, it makes the cheeks look beautiful and eye-catching.

This 0.35 ounces blush is a highly portable item. It is so amazing that you can apply it for day-long activities.

Though this is a creamy blush, it won’t be adhesive once you blend it properly. This cruelty-free blush won’t block the pores of the skin.

Instead, this blush will moisture the skin with its oily elements and make your cheeks and lips glowing.

  • It is a two-in-one blush.
  • A great item for day-long purposes.
  • It will give you graceful coverage.
  • Easy to apply this blush.
  • You can use this blush on your lips as well.
  • The creamy texture is a little bit adhesive.

Why you should buy this

  • This two-in-one blush is perfect for both cheeks and lips.
  • You can have an amazing makeover using this blush.


You have already got the best cream blush drugstore. Though there are a lot more items waving at you, the decision is yours to select one among all the blushes.

We have provided these blushes after a thorough experiment with the assist of our makeup experts.

Now it’s your turn to select one, purchase it, and apply it to your lovely cheeks. After having a long unpleasant day, apply this cream blush with the makeover on the skin.

The amazing appearance will swing your mood and cheer you up. And you are going to love this cream blush for sure.

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