10 Best Eyeshadow Palettes For Beginners in 2020

best eyeshadow palettes for beginners

Here we will talk about a list of the best Eyeshadow Palettes For Beginners which are not only suitable for you but also durable and affordable.

Makeup the word is well known and mostly pronounced in every culture, and every country. It is thought to be an essential part of a woman’s life because everyone likes to look pretty and gorgeous and makeup helps in that purpose very well.

10 Best Eyeshadow Palettes For Beginners in 2020

Makeup just not to make a person whiten and brighten it enhances the features and groom the person. We must say that eye makeup is the most essential part of makeup. It gives a perfect and different look to the person. Without eye makeup you can’t imagine a good and stunning look so you can say its one of the makeup essentials items.  

When we talk about the eye make up we all have different choices. Some females like smokey makeup to give a different look to their eyes and some like shiny and golden shades to get a heavy look and some like to carry only one shade on their eyes to look simple and stunning.

It’s very difficult to find the shades of our choice because some of the females have not time to find and some of them are totally unaware of the best brands and well suitable eye makeup.

1. Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Mini Eye Shadow Palette Eyeshadow Palettes For Beginners

Do you want to get a mini eyeshadow palette that not only contains smooth and shimmery shades but also you can carry in your hand bag. Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Mini Eye Shadow Palette is the best option for the females which like to wear eye makeup combine shimmery and soft shades and want to carry twenty four seven in their bags.

This palette contains 9 different shades ranging from simple matte shades to attractive shimmery shades and quite suitable for every skin tone.  These shades are satisfactory and quite comfortable in using for all might be a professional may be a beginner or a lay woman. Just apply a small amount of shade on brush and apply on eyes to get an elegant and soft look fast and easily because you can blend it in no time.

With this palette you can get a perfect eye look as it contains all the essential colors such as brown to apply at the corners and have a blended eye look. It contains dusty pink shade to give you a super cool and simple attractive look. It also contains bronze golden shade to enhance and highlight in the best way in order to give you a charming look.

So we must say it is purposeful and quite suitable for working ladies as well as housewives who want to look attractive and stunning.

2. Maybelline New York Eyestudio ColorTattoo Metal 24HR Cream Gel Eyeshadow Palettes For Beginners, Creamy Beige, 0.14 Ounce (1 Count)

Being a makeup lover and a beginner we bought palettes containing different shades and spent much of our money. And when we start to apply shades we are confused what shade will give us extra coverage and a perfect look. We mix different shades one after one and instead of looking good and pretty we look weird.

So we need to have a single shade that not only gives us a perfect look but also gives us extra coverage. In another situation you have to wear eye makeup all the day and you don’t have experience of eye makeup palette shades or you don’t have the budget to afford an expensive eyeshadow palette.

Here is the single solution of all above mentioned problems Morphe 351 Icy Fantasy Artistry Palette. It is the single color creamy eye palette. You can buy your favourite one or two colors and wear it for 24 hours. As it is a single color palette so it will save you from the mess of different shades and affordably reliable.

Its application is not difficult, just apply a small amount on your brush and get an extra finish and a gorgeous makeup look. You can carry it in your hand bag anywhere due to its small size. There is no need to be a professional for the application of this eye palette. Everyone can easily use this comfortably without creating any mess on  their eyes. 


Do you want to wear eye makeup that gives you a decent and soft look? Here is the best thing for you that will help you in getting your best look. Tile Matte metal eyeshadow palette contains all the soft and decent colors eyeshadow quite suitable for regular uses.

This palette contains 12 nice and soft shades including six matte and six shimmery shades. Everyone does not like  super shimmery and heavy shades on their eyes especially when they have to wear them daily. So this palette gives you all the soft look with super cool matte shades and extra coverage with an elegant look with super soft shimmery shades. 

It is quite perfect for daily going working women as well as the housewives who want to carry eye makeup all the day. It is quite suitable for the beginners because you can freely use it and play with its color scheme. You don’t have to feel anxious about its application.

Its colors are so attractive that give you a sexy and superb look. Its color shades are quite useful for using on eyelids or at the eye corners. It also has the shades that helps to highlight and give you a glamorous look.


Everyone wants to have an ideal look in respect of clothes, jewellery and makeup. With elegant makeup you can enjoy a best and attractive look, but for this you have some shades and palettes. A professional can find all the best shades and palettes separately but it is quite difficult for the beginners and the person who is unaware about makeup products.

So they wish that they find all the things like highlighter, contouring shades and other common best eyeshadows in a single palette. KAT VON D Palette is the best thing to address all the problems. It contains basic eyeshadows that enhance and broaden your eye shape, to give you a soft and elegant look, contouring shades to shape your face and highlighter to enhance their features. 

This Palette is quite perfect for all types of females as it contains white and black shade for the people who like simple and elegant eye makeup. Its darker shades like black and dark brown are the best for the people who prefer smokey eye makeup. It’s all shades gives you extra coverage and a sensational look.

Its other soft shades give you a natural look. It is quite easy in its application. It contains all the necessary shades so it is enough for the eye makeup and you can carry it anywhere in your bag due to its size. 


Some people want to have all the things best in their collection such as mobile, clothes, accessories etc. They spend a lot of money to get the best things for their needs and females become more conscious about beauty products which should be appropriate in all aspects.

Urban Decay Naked Palettes is a well known palette among all as the IPhone among all phones. It is a superb palette and quite suitable for all types of skin tones. It will assist you at all occasions as it contains all the necessary shades ranging from soft to bold.

its color texture is amazing and attractive. A small amount of product is enough for a perfect look. You can blend these shades slightly and comfortably as it contains no harmful material which may prove harmful for your eye skin.

It contains all the shades such as  natural shades for eyelids makeup, darker shades for corners and shimmery and brighten shades for the highlighting purpose. It is quite useful for beginners as well as professionals. Many trending eye makeup videos follow these Urban Decay Naked Palettes.

This palette has endless colors you will play and enjoy with these colors and enjoy your makeup sessions. It not only gives you a gorgeous look but also gives you extra coverage throughout the day. You can enjoy smokey, shimmery and simple makeup with the help of this palette.


6. Maybelline New York Nudes of New York 16 Pan Eyeshadow Palette

Are you fond of traveling at different places, such as some historical places, beaches etc? Then you definitely faced the problems regarding makeup at those places due to the environment and variation in temperature. And you definitely in a search of the best makeup that will last the whole day at any place.

Here is something interesting for you, a superb eyeshadow palette presented by Maybelline New York for all types of skin tones.  It gives you a long lasting nude look. It consists of all the necessary shades for a natural look, a soft look and a glossy look.

You can transform yourself with super creamy nude shades and beside that enjoy shimmery shades to get a smart and attractive look. All the 16 shades are purely friendly to the skin as it doesn’t harm your eyes and skin. Just apply a small amount of product on brush and easily blend to look stunning.

7. NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette in Smokey and Highlight

Many of us like smokey eye makeup for a glamorous look. Smokey eye makeup best defines your eye shapes and gives you an extra smart look. So you need a good palette for smokey makeup. NYX professional makeup palette helps you in your best smokey makeup.

This 16 shades palette assists you in midnight parties makeup as well as at the day for a long lasting finish. Its application is quite easy no matter if you are a professional or a beginner. We must say that makeup is incomplete without highlighting so this palette has perfect and superb shades for highlighting.

Highlighting enhances your features and gives you a perfect and extraordinary look with a super soft appearance. This palette is famous for smokey makeup and highlighting purposes, it doesn’t mean that you never do regular and simple makeup with this.

It also contains shades such as dusty pink, white and other light shades that you can easily use in your daily routine. So this is the best palette for any type of eye makeup.


Are you a total beginner in the makeup field? Sometimes you felt difficulty due to different coloured eye shades such as what shade should be used at the eyelids? What combination will be perfectly suitable for eyes? Blue combined with brown or black will be perfect? These are some questions that arise in mind when you don’t have any expert.

So here is the interesting thing for the beginners, Etude House Play Color Eyes Palette.  This Palette consists of 10 shades,the interesting thing is that all the ten shades are brown so you will be free from the color combination problem. These soft creamy shades are easily applicable.

It will nicely stay on eyes instead of the fact that you are not expert in blending. It gives you a soft look. Its brownish glitters and shimmery texture enhance the beauty of your eyes and with its bright shades such as white and golden you can highlight your eyes for a perfect attractive look.

You can easily play with these basic brown shades without feeling any hesitation, because there is no chance to look odd with these shades. You can easily practice for a better look with this palette in order to be a makeup professional.


Everyone has their own choice about eyeshades. Some girls prefer pink colors, some fond of brown, some want to carry a heavy look with glittery shades and some only contaminated by simple soft shade combined with black. Clio Pro Eye Palette presents you three different color palette brown, pink and corel.

So here is another benefit for the people who aren’t able to buy a big palette with all shades, instead they can buy a single palette with all your favourite shades. You can choose your favourite and suitable palette or buy all of three if you are fond of makeup and want to apply different shades on your eyes.

These palette consists of 10 shades each which are super cool, natural and trendy. These are so soft and easy in application as you can use it without a makeup brush. Just apply the product on finger pores and apply and blend comfortably on eyes. So it is well suitable and interesting for beginners as well as for professionals.

These all shades give you a super smart look, enhance your eyes grace and make you stunning all around your fellows.

10. ZOEVA NATURALLY YOURS Best Eyeshadow Palettes For Beginners

Makeup lovers may be a professional or a lay person. Lay person including a student, a housewife or a working woman. Makeup professional people afford expensive products because they have to run their business.

Working women also afford and easily use expensive beauty products because they have to work and meet with different people in order to look perfect and attractive. But it may be difficult if we discuss a student who has to rely on her pocket money and meet all study expenses.

Zoeva Naturally Yours is totally perfect for students and the people who are not able to afford expensive eyeshadow palettes. Its quality is extremely high. It consists of basic color shades which are suitable to your skin tone and give you a natural and attractive look.

Its color scheme is just superb. Its creamy texture will give you extra coverage with a soft look. So it is perfect in all aspects as it is affordable, has a good quality, a good texture and natural color schemes. It is the best choice for beginners to play with colors and enjoy makeup sessions in order to be a makeup artist.


All above mentioned brands are best for different categories of people. For example if we talk in context of durability Maybelline NewYork and Huda Beauty Palettes are best. If we thought that palette should be good but also low price and totally affordable then we say Zoeva Naturally Yours is the best. If we have interest in contouring besides makeup shades KAT VON D SHADE + LIGHT – EYE CONTOUR PALETTE will prove best. And we have difficulty with different colors. We can buy a single shade eyeshadow palettes for beginners.


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